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Borry Gartrell is the 5th generation of the Borrodell Family to live on and around the mountain. His father died when he was fifteen and Borry left school to help manage the original Borrodell family orchard. He has always had a deep connection with the land, growing and the conservation movement.

Borry firmly believes that conservation and production can coexist. We now have a habitat for echidnas. wallabies. kangaroos and even leave a few trees of apples for the white cockatoos. Finches and wrens in the undergrowth: night owls; bent-wing bats: a grey thrush nesting in the machinery shed: water birds on the darns. I live in hope of a wombat making its way down from the mountain and being comfortable at Borrodell. We try and work within the natural environment rather than fighting it’
A Lifetime activist in many areas of the Orange community and a left wing view of the world has resulted in him being affectionately dubbed by some in the district as The Comrade.

  • A political warrior, he was 15 years on various local councils
  • Chairman of the Regional Parklands Trust, 20 years
  • Clark of the Course at the Jockey and Trotting Club. 20 years

Gaye Stuart-Nairne was born in Brisbane and lived in Queensland near the beach for many years. She had visions of being a surfer but became a school teacher instead. Her family had a farm that produced vegetables. melons and tobacco.

After a long and successful teaching career fully immersed in the teaching of little minds to grow and prosper, Gaye advanced into the challenging role of Student Services Program Manager within the western region. She retired from the Education Department in 2002 and plunged head first establishing another full time career, the building of accommodation. a restaurant, and a cellar door – a place to celebrate large occasions – at Borrodell The Food and Wine tourism scene in Orange is dynamic and developing quickly, we love it!”

Her audience is now more mature minds learning about wine and food and sharing a good laugh!

Event Coordinator
Growing up in Orange Luisa Machielse soon left the country straight after high school to pursue further education in The Netherlands. Europe. following her dreams to become a sound designer and composer for feature films. With just under thirty soundtracks to her credit. she returned to Australia and eventually back to Orange.

She is an associate wine judge: dithering to become a Master of wine; and enjoys writing, including a coffee table book on the food producers and cellar doors of the Orange appellation, novels, and film scripts, a throw back to her first passion – film-making.

She studied wine in Europe. whilst working as a sommelier for the world’s oldest family-run business at their Michelin-starred restaurant in Tuscany Italy and continued her wine studies in Paris France. Learning about wine has brought her around the world multiple times. exploring the great wine regions of Europe and North America. and enjoys meeting other wine aficionados when representing Borrodell at trade shows in China and Japan.

Simon Gilbert is a 5th generation winemaker. whose great-great grandfather Joseph Gilbert is recognized as planting the first Riesling in Australia at Pewsey Vale. Eden Valley. SA in 1.847.

From a young age Simon knew that he wanted to become a winemaker. and since graduating in Oenology in 1977. has been winemaking ever since Early in Simon’s career. he enjoyed respected and admired positions at Lindemans and Arrowfield in the Hunter Valley. at which he had longevity and great success.

His ambition then Led him to establish his own business and work with growers and viticulturists from Orange. New South Wales including the infamous Borrodell. to develop premium cool climate wines. Simon is proud to have been involved in the Orange Wine Region since 1995 and has since seen Orange develop as one of the Leading Wine regions of Australia.